Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a coldmix asphalt product made with polymers enabling the asphalt that remain strong and flexible, yet easy enough to place when constructing with a machine or by hand with a shovel. Excellent qualities for the widening of a rural driveway or entrance or for low traffic rural driveways; Black Beauty will harden over several days offering a long term asphalt like surface.

Supplied in bags or bulk Black Beauty product life of approximately one month if stored correctly. Black Beauty can be applied directly from the bag without heating. We recommend a minimum of 75mm thickness and above with compaction of Black Beauty by a roller, a plate compactor or with placing tools and then tyre rolled.

Black Beauty remains lively for a short period to enable ease of placing. After a few days of exposure to the weather elements and traffic use the activator within the Black Beauty is released an asphalt like surface is progressively achieved.